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Choose 1 free accessory
with the groom

I am unlike any other salon, with over 500 accessories to choose from. I have Bandana's, Hair Bows, Collar Bows and Bow Tie's

Is a Home Based Grooming 
Salon Located in the Wyoming/Grandville/Byron   Center Area

My name is Ashley & I'm the Sole Groomer at Shear Perfection. I am a Trained & Certified Professional Pet Groomer that graduated from the Paragon School of Pet Grooming in Jenison, MI, with over 13 years of dog grooming experience and hands on training from some of the most well know teachers in the grooming industry. I specialize in grooming small dogs only now as a back injury a few years ago led me to make the hard decision that I could no longer groom the big fluffy dogs that are so enjoyable to groom. and now only groom dogs 20 pounds & under. I use all-natural shampoos and products. I exclusively use puppy curbside drop-off and pickup, so you don't need to get out of your car when you come for your appointment. I am fully vaccinated and have my Covid-19 Certification.


Brand New Bluey Bandana's

Free With the Groom


Ashley always does an AMAZING job with our puppy Tuxedo! Not just with the grooming service, but we can tell she cares about him and takes pride in her work!

Background for logo for website.jpg
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