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Water Fountains For Dogs

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

A Water Fountain for a dog, now you might think this is silly. But I discovered them recently for my two dogs and I love them.

Now you might be thinking your crazy right. But wrong my friend, cuz I love them. This is just my opinion now, so take it for what you will. But Now I don't know about you but its not my favorite joy having to refill my girls was bowl a few times a day. They drink alot of water as all dogs should because its good for them right. But having to refill the bowl all the time, well its a pain especially when you are doing it often and one of my girls Elsa, a Cavalier King Charles, she sheds. I love this fluffy girl, But she also sheds into her water bowl all the time. I always see hair in their so I do clean it often, its gross.

Now has anyone ever heard of a cat water fountain??? Cuz for my 2 small dogs, Elsa who weighes 14 pounds, and Bindi who is my yorkie who weighes 7 pounds. I saw it recently on Amazon and thought I would give it a whirl. Now mind you I bought 2 different cat water fountains, both rated amazing, but both had a different design and after testing both I can tell you the pro's and con's about each. But first and foremost I love that they are small fountains so they don't take up alot of space. They hold a lot of water. I can fill it and it will take 2 or 3 days before I need to refill it, but it could very based off of how much water your dog drinks, how many dogs you have, the size of dog, as the bigger the dog the more water they consume. It also has a filter to catch dog hair and whatever else going into it. So its clean water, no dog hair, hallelujah!!! Less cleaning for me is a plus.

Now the 2 brands I got where Catit Led Flower Cat Fountain 2 liters and the Veken Pet Fountain 84oz. Now both have a small motor that shoots the water up and you can hear the water coming out of it. Which took me a few days to get used to it. And now I find the sound of the water coming out quiet relaxing, but note that its not silent. They also have filters for each system you can buy to keep it clean.

The Veken Pet fountain I find a bit better in the looks department, I have the grey color Veken fountain and it matches the grey going on throughout the house. I find it quieter and easier to refill, FYI I just use a glass to refill it. Even though it doesn't have a LED nightlight like the other fountain to let you know when it needs a refill like the other one I can tell when it needs a refill as the sound of the motor starts to make more noise with less water in it. And I prefer it as I have this one is in my bedroom for my dogs and the light would drive me crazy at night. It also holds a bit more water then the other one.

Now the Catit fountain, is white at the base and blue on the top, looks wise its not my favorite but to each their own and it has a nice water level indicator with LED nightlight so a plus side to know when it needs a refill, but I have it in my living room as the LED light would keep me up at night so keep that in mind if their is a specific place you plan on putting it. The Catit I find it more difficult to refill. I use a glass to refill it but the water shoots out the sides if you pour the water in too quickly so I have to go slow with it.

Now on a side note it took Elsa my Cavailer 2 days to figure it out and start drinking from it. I also took the flower out of both fountains to make it easier for them. The flower scared Elsa for some reason but she is that way about a lot of things so they are removed from them. Bindi my yorkie it took about 2 weeks for her to start drinking from it. I had a clean bowl of water though next to each fountain until they both starting drinking from it though. In the end though I think they love it and so do I. For myself the Veken Fountain is the winner for me, it looks great and its easier to refill but I will tag both fountains below and you can decide for yourself if its something that you want for your dog.

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