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Do you groom large dogs? As it shows you groom dogs 30 pounds and under?

I unfortunately only groom dogs under 30 pounds. As much as I love large dogs, my body and back can’t take the weight of lifting large dogs, as years of working on large dogs, lifting onto tables and the physical strain it has taken a tole on my back and body and because of this I have a weight limit.


Do you accept credit or debit cards as payment?

Yes I do, I can also take credit card payments right at your car. So you don't even have to exit your vehicle if you don't want to. How sweet is that!


How many groomers work here?

Only One, and her name is Ashley, she takes your calls, answers questions, discusses what you would like for your dogs grooming appointment, bathes, dries, grooms your pup, etc.... I can go on and on. But best of all, your pup gets to see the same person for their grooming appointment every time they come here.
Why is this so great you ask. It really is best that your dog has consistency in their lives, a pattern and that extends to their grooming needs. Not only is it best that they get groomed often, usually I recommend every 4-8 weeks for most pups, sometimes 12 week for some pups at the most, but I recommend your dog is groomed with the same groomer every time. Even if it isn't done with me, it is crucial that your groomer builds a grooming relationship with them, and your pup knows them.
By also grooming them constantly every 4-8 weeks, it becomes a every day normal thing that your dog is used to. I love it when I have clients say they just call my name to their pup and they tell me how excited they are and begging to jump in the car to see me. I love to see them wagging their tail when they come, and so excited to get in the door to get groomed. It has become an everyday normal event in their lives that they enjoy and they enjoy seeing me.
VS a dog that I see once every 4 or 5 months or more. They arent used to grooming when they are groomed that far in between appointments. Consistency is key. 


Are Nail Trims included in your grooming packages?

Yes, nail trims are always done and included in all my grooming packages. 

Background for logo for website.jpg
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